Substance Awareness Traffic Offender Program (SATOP)

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Assessment Screening Process

Gibson Center for Behavioral Change offers a SATOP Screening Process Offender Management Unit (OMU) at each of our locations to assess which program the individual needs. The assessment cost is $375.00 (non-refundable) and $249.00 of this money goes to the State and $126.00 is your OMU charge. The process will take approximately 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Individuals will take a test on a computer and then meet with a counselor and the screening is valid for six months.

During your meeting with the counselor they will:

  • Review driver record
  • Review breath alcohol concentration (BAC) at the time of arrest
  • Review the results of the computer-interpreted assessment
  • Complete an interview

Our alcohol and drug detox programs include:

Offender Education Program (OEP – Level I)

A 10-hour education course designed for lower risk consumers in understanding the choices they made that led to their intoxication and arrest.

Weekend Intervention Program (WIP – Level II)

A 20-hour level of service designed for repeat or high risk consumers using intensive education and counseling intervention methods over a weekend of structured activities. This program is conducted in a restrictive environment.

Clinical Intervention Program (CIP – Level III)

A 50-hour outpatient counseling program consisting of individual counseling, group counseling, and group education.

Serious and Repeat Offender Program (SROP – Level IV)

An outpatient program consisting of at least 75 hours of treatment in no less than 90 days. Services must include a minimum of 35 hours of individual and/or group counseling.

Please note that once a SATOP level has been completed it cannot be repeated without state approval. All fees have to be paid prior to starting the program.

Any charges above the minimum will be based on offender’s ability to pay determined by a “sliding scale”. If you are a Missouri resident, you may be eligible for reduced costs for the service level programs

***Offenders arrested resulting in an Abuse and Lose or Zero Tolerance charge need to inform their OMU, as processing may be different than offenders with other charges.

SATOP Assessment Screening Process

The Gibson Center for Behavioral Change is committed to providing comprehensive services which promote new behaviors for a healthy lifestyle. We offer a variety of treatments for our alcohol and drug recovery programs and behavioral health-centered programs that may include medication-assisted therapy, inpatient treatment for patients, or customized outpatient substance abuse treatment.


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Medication-Assisted Treatment

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The Gibson Center for Behavioral Change is dedicated to providing substance use treatment services. We offer a multidisciplinary approach to treating persons with co-occurring disorders and provide services to all people regardless of race, national origin, age, religion, gender, gender expression or disability. Let us help you live your best life!