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We know the idea of detoxing can be scary. And we understand the pain that accompanies withdrawal.

Are you ready to take the first step?

What is Detoxification and Withdrawal Management?

Detoxification (detox) is the process of clearing the body of drugs or alcohol that an individual has consumed. The purpose of detox is to safely manage withdrawal symptoms when someone stops taking drugs or alcohol. The medical term for detox is “withdrawal management” because when the process is managed correctly, detox helps patients maintain physical comfort as they withdraw from the effects of drugs and alcohol.

Modified Medical Inpatient Detoxification (MMID)

Alcohol or drug detoxification is often the first step towards addiction recovery. It’s important to begin this process with the help of professionally trained medical and addiction specialists to provide supervision, observation and support to manage symptoms and keep patients safe from any complications of intoxication and withdrawal. The Gibson Center for Behavioral Change offers Modified Medical Inpatient Detoxification (MMID) under the 24/7 care of licensed medical staff. Our medical staff can prescribe safe, scientifically proven medications to alleviate discomfort and help patients move into the next stage of the recovery process.

Our alcohol and drug detox programs include:

  • Evaluation of physical and behavioral health needs.
  • Experienced staff who are specially trained in the physical and psychological aspects of detoxification and substance use.
  • Onsite, 24/7 nursing staff that regularly monitors vital signs, conducts appropriate labs and tests, and ensures patient comfort.
  • Evidence-based medications to ease withdrawal symptoms and cravings.
  • Safe, comfortable environment.

Detoxification is different for everyone and can range from days to months of varying levels of withdrawal symptoms, depending on the individual and the substance. Safely managing withdrawal effects of detox is a critical component of treatment. A safe, supportive detox environment increases the chance that a person will stay in treatment and be physically and mentally prepared to begin the work of recovery. No one should go at it alone. Our team of professionals is here to care for you as you take this first step.

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The Gibson Center for Behavioral Change is committed to providing comprehensive services which promote new behaviors for a healthy lifestyle. We offer a variety of treatments for our alcohol and drug recovery programs and behavioral health-centered programs that may include medication-assisted therapy, inpatient treatment for patients, or customized outpatient substance abuse treatment.


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